Wildfire Ecology Children's Book by Kim Zwemer-Margulis M.S.

A fawn is born in the biologically important Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon. Along with his mother and brother, he experiences danger from predators, play with other fawns, and browsing on forest foods in his first months of life. Then wildfire strikes the land, and the family seeks safety in a nearby creek. The story is completed with the deer’s mating cycle, the brothers forming antler nubs, and the passing of winter before they are old enough to leave their mother to be on their own. Shadowchaser of the Siskiyous is highly educational, and written in an observational style as it follows a small deer family through their first year of life. During the year, the deer experience birth, learning from mother, a wildfire, fall habits and winter challenges, culminating in eating the most nutritious, vibrant green grass and other plant sprouts in the burnt area the following spring. The fawns are then grown enough to leave their mother in a coming-of-age ending. Throughout the beautifully water-colored pages, 30 plants, 25 animals and 22 nature facts are labeled to enrich readers’ knowledge of West Coast species and wildfire ecology. This book allows children to explore the effects of wildfire in a third-party manner, aiding them to integrate their own experience with wildfire.